Zen rooms

Chambre zen


Peaceful and quiet, the abundant light comes from a roof window. The relative terseness style of decoration, the white colours make an ideal room for those who need to relax. The room includes 1 double bed and 1 single bed.

Chambre 3-1
Under another angle, we can see the wooden framework of the roof. It brings a warm and natural touch to the room.

Détail poutre



Détail poutre

The second room of the suite offers a more intimate atmosphere The light comes from a small window that we have chosen not to enlarge in order to keep the room with its original design. It is complementary to the 1st room. It includes 1 double bed and 1 single bed.

Chambre 4-1

Chambre 4-2Picture of the window and of the single bed. The wooden framework of the roof is also found in this room




Salle d eau jauneThe common bathroom in between has got a roof window through which we can admire the sky and the forest around.


salle d eau jaune-2
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